Saturday, January 16, 2010

From 'Plain' to 'Oh-so-Glam'!! - Restyling a blouse

Okay, I didn't really mean to make the title sound so cheesy, but it somehow applied to my craft today. I had this plain blouse with black swirly designs on the corners, but totally plain in the middle..

Too plain! Atleast for my taste!  I had to make it more appealing. 
So I glam-fied it to this:

My mind started whirring and stopped onto something that I was making a lot these days, but couldn't get enough of it: Fabric Flowers!! So I set on to make some flowers, and cut a few circles of coordinating fabrics, and a wide strip of  cloth to seem like a branch. Here is what it takes

I used 4 different fabric remnants I had to make the flowers. I cut them into circles of varying sizes and singed them using a candle flame. You can view the detailed tutorial for making these fabric flowers here. I also cut an wide strip of fabric to make the branch-like pattern on the shirt. 

Now for the pattern! I used a random pattern to hand-stitch the branch and glued the flowers. You can use any pattern of your liking to 'glam-ify' any plain or dull clothing of yours. My friend used flowers made similarly to spice up her curtains and bed post!!  There are endless possibilities, really.

Here is how my shirt looked after the restyling (Ignore the white patch near the top corner: I started to paint something, and changed my mind!)

Does it not look more glamorous now than the original plain look? See, I told you that my title would be justified!!
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Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wow! What a nice job! Would you hand wash something such as this?

Sonia said...

@ Craftymoose Crafts- Thank you, I'm glad someone other than me liked it!! As for the wash, it would have to be a hand washed for sure, as I stitched them..

Patti said...

I love lots of embellishments and accoutrements!! I also have altered clothing to fit my style - GREAT job!!

marissa said...

super fun

Sachiko said...

Very creative! Your addition ties in everything.

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