Saturday, January 23, 2010

My efficient jewelery holder

Yup, you bet you have seen too many of jewelery holders and are wondering what is the need for one more? There is! I'm a self-confessed jewelery addict - I have collected them from wherever I can- India, US, name it; and I'm proud as hell of them. I got loads of what they call 'junk' jewelery (I love them so, how can they be junk?) and it was getting difficult by day to manage and organize them. So I started searching for ideas on the blogosphere, but all those shown were merely sufficient to hold merely 8-15 pieces...What of the rest of my nearly 100 earrings??
So months ago, I made this by gluing cardboard onto my closet walls. Though it looks okayish, it was a painful act to pierce in holes into the cardboard and hang the earrings.

See, how difficult it was? I obviously wasn't very happy with this and began to search for more ideas. Then one fine day, I saw this PVC screen/ mesh in a neglected corner of a friend's garage. 

It had a lovely creamy hue and a nice texture and I was in love with it. My friend was too glad to get rid of what she considered garbage, and this PVC screen mesh was mine!! (Okay, ignore my hand!)
It was made of PVC or plastic, so I could easily cut it with my normal scissors. You can use iron or steel mesh as well, but you need to have all the complicated tools to cut and fold it, and there's always the danger of cutting your fingers from the raw edges. As for PVC, forget about any inconveniences...its so very easy to work with.
Moving on, I measured the dimensions of my closet wall and cut the screen (with scissors!). I mounted the screen on two cardboard pieces along the length to give it some height and stiffness too, and glued them together. (Do not use hot glue gun here, the PVC screen might melt out. Use tacky glue, its sufficient.)
It looked like this

You can fix the screen on to a large wooden frame as well..I simply didn't have one handy right then.
I then glued a wall paper on the closet wall (optional!) and glued the mounted screen onto it.

Next step was my favorite..I hanged my earrings onto the screen. Warning: there are too many, so be prepared for the dazzle! Here it is

Here's a closer shot

See, how easy it is for me to take out a pair while in hurry, and also to hang it back? Easy Peasy! All at almost zero expense!
I linked this to
The Girl Creative
I'm lovin' it!!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wow--that's some earring collection! Great way to organize them, too!

Sonia said...

@Craftymoose Crafts: Thank you so much for visiting..was looking forward to it! Am happy you liked the earrings and the display

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