Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Glass Gems Earrings- Modpodge Does it Again!

Here's my second attempt at jewelery making, since they said the first wasn't bad at all..Some dear blogger friends liked my crystal chain necklace enough to feature it. Thank you so much dear readers for the encouragement! That got me started on another jewelery venture..Glass Gem Earrings!

The simple yet elegant beauty of glass gems is felt by all. I had seen several projects with glass gems and they all rocked. I've used these glass gems in some projects myself, so I thought, why not make jewellery with it, too? So I made up these pretty earrings! Won't they just jazz up a simple skirt or a plain dress?

These are quite easy to make, and if you make jewelery regularly, almost cakewalk. Here is what you will need to make them

Now get started. Take a piece of fabric of your choice with a design that you would like to show in the glass gem. I chose a dark blue cloth with golden swirly designs (I love them swirls!). Now take two glass gems of roughly equal size and cover the flat area with some generous dose of Mod Podge. Now place these Modpodged glass gems on the fabric pattern that you want to show on your earrings, like this:

Remember to protect your carpet by covering it with newspapers first. Do not worry about the initial opaque appearance of the ModPodged glass gems as they will return to their transparent self once the ModPodge is dry. Here's what they look like, once dry:

One dry, cut the fabric to free the new 'patterned' glass gems, which will look like this:

Pretty already! Now for the little more trying part: the earrings! Okay, jewelery experts, do not cringe at my method of making them, as I hardly know or follow any hardbound rules! You need two small chains with small loops for this part. If you don't have one, join a few jumprings together. Now assemble some oval beads of your choice (mine were again transparent), and insert eyepins through them. Twist the free end with a jewelery plier and lock. Snip the additional part. The beads I bought already came with eyepin hoops and saved me a lot of effort. 

Insert the free end of the hooped oval beads into the rings of the chains (Have I lost you completely??), and twist. It is actually very easy to make, just follow the design you want to make. Link the beaded chain into the earring hooks. They will look like this, at this stage:

Now lay the glass gems flat side up. Snip two equal pieces of the metal wire (around 2 inch long each). Insert one end into the last ring of the chain to form a small loop and twist. Apply some tacky glue onto the back of the glass gems and place the twisted loop onto them. Cut two small round pieces of fabric to cover the loop. Place onto the back of glass gems, and press firmly. Now apply a thin coat of ModPodge for good appearance.

Let it dry amply, and wear these glitzy beauties proudly! Here they are:

Aren't these pretty? You can also opt the easier way out by wearing them simply as pendants in a chain. Apt for glam-ing up another plain look!
I'm going to make several more projects with these wonderful glass gems- be back soon!
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Christine said...

Great idea - love the earrings!!

all thingz related said...

Very Creative! I love this idea! Great job!
~Rebekah @All Thingz Related {stop by for our giveaway, going on now!}

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wonderful earrings--I admire your creativity!

Mommabear said...

Wow! Those are super pretty! This is such a great idea, love it!

Andy Porter said...

Very cute idea! They look great! Thanks for linking to Creative Cats!

fawnda said...

Very cute! I love the fabric you used on the bottom bead!

jenjen said...

SO pretty! You did a wonderful job!

Thanks for linking this up!


Sumi said...

Hey.I love this.I so want to try making some jewellery myself but too worried that I will mess it up.This is pretty cool and easy.Gonna try this.

Lori said...

I love the earrings. Really I love them.. I can see my daughter wearing them..

Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thurs. Please join me again next week for another great party.

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

So pretty! I've never tried to make jewelry, but I love these!

Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day!

Amanda Formaro said...

Those are beautiful Sonia! And this is only your second attempt at jewelry??? You better keep at it then, you have a talent for it!

shepherdess said...

How cool is that?!?


Veronica said...

Great job.

Krystal100k said...

U ROCK! LOVE YOUR CREATIVITY,,,,,<3 Keep up the gr8 ART! xo

Vinnie said...

Hey , You got some great stuff going on there!!!!
Love it all..

Amatory Watches said...

Awesome creation, i am going to try it and will also let you know about my experience, thanks for sharing.

Mommy Tyme said...

Very cool! I have tons of these gems because I thought they would make some awesome embellishments! I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate them into jewelry- Thanks! I added you to my favorite blogs list on my site at http://www.mommytyme.org/events.html Thanks for this cool ideas

Smart Shannon said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I modified it a bit to make my own: http://spunkycrafts.blogspot.com/2013/06/glass-gem-bubble-earrings.html

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