Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cute Valentine's Card

Cards are always special for any occasion, and this V-Day was no different. I'm by no means a scrap booking expert, but I do like the personal feel derived from a hand-made card. So, I set out to make this 

So cute! Okay, scrapbookers, if you think differently - avert your eyes!! But then, I somehow love the overall effect! Read on if you want to make this!
I know what you noticed first - the satin flowers of course! I made them from a great tutorial for fabric roses on Everyday Chaos. She makes excellent stuff, check the fabric rose tutorial here, and do come back! My roses came in very differently though, they look little like cinnamon rolls (Yum! maybe because of the small size I guess)!!
I painted a white cardstock paper in silvery hues, and then gathered my satin roses. I also cut a few heart shapes from a striped cloth, and one big heart from a polka dot cloth. With the help of a round edged scissor, I also cut a slightly bigger half heart from the page of an old rotten book. Here they are:

Now with the card! Stick the polka-dot heart overlapping the paper half-heart onto the card stock this way

Now draw outline of a smaller heart onto it with glue, like this

Glue the fabric roses under the outlined area, taking care to maintain a heart-like shape. For best results, glue flowers along the outline first and then squeeze in some flowers in between the spaces. Here is what it looks like

I glued the striped hearts at random all around. Then I went over the board and cut some circles out of the old   novel pages and stuck them randomly as well. Outline the heart shapes with a darker colored sharpie like pink or red. Here it was, finally!
 You can decorate hundreds of V-Day crafts this way. I like the heart in the center so much that I'm goinf to cover hubby's gift box the same way, too!
I'm thinking of more ideas with hearts and flowers! Has your mind started to whirr too?
I linked this to
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tales from an oc cottage said...

So cute!!!

m ^..^

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Its nice finding you on the blogosphere.Nice blog you have and getting ready for valentines...good josh.

fawnda said...

This beautiful! I love all the different pieces coming togethe.. especially the satin roses!

L@Craftaholics Anonymous said...

Hey Sonia,
Yet another awesome craft! keep it up girl!
happy crafting,

Bridget said...

Such a cute Valentines, I love it!

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