Friday, February 5, 2010

Mod Podge Shoes!!

I made Mod Podge beauties yesterday! 

I have seen so many Mod Podge projects across the blogland, that I wanted to make mine soon enough. We do not have Mod Podge in India, so I had to suffice with what I had. (For Indian readers- I used fevibond + fabric glue + feviqwick for instant and lasting bond...Sigh!)
I bought these sandals/ shoes at a thrifty price in Thailand, and back then they looked very cool. However, soon they were old-looking (at least to me!). But would I throw them? No way!!

I am a shoe-freak! I get bored with shoes just too quickly, and needed to alter these. So I set out to make myself a new pair of shoes from a pair of old denims which didn't fit me anymore (Sob!)

Cut diagonal strips from jeans and cover the front part of the shoe. Let the extra cloth be there for a while. Apply Mod Podge to the front section, and a thin line along the inside edge where you will tuck in the fabric.

Now snip the extra portion of the jeans strip until the edge, fold and tuck beneath the surface in an EXTRA neat way.

Go on with this process of placing a jeans strip diagonally, snipping extra edges and tucking in neatly.
There you go, you have a new shoe, minus the worn look!

But oh, something is still missing here..fabric flowers, of course!!
For the flowers, cut 5-6 five-petal flowers of varying sizes from a coordinating fabric (Mine was another old printed jeans). I also cut a small four-petal flower, and a few single petals from the same fabric as the shoe.

Lay the flowers one over the other. The bigger ones go at the bottom, the smallest one on the top. Thread a needle and pass through the flowers. Now thread the single petals and arrange them to get a uniform round shape.

Let the small flower with four petals be alone. Now glue these to the shoe. Ta Da!

I love these so, SO much! Yep, I'm a girlie girl!!

They'll go great with my heavy wired pearl bangles, bought in Thailand again, but new enough!!
 Anyways, I could go on forever with this, for the cute look alone...even if fingers kind of singed due to all that strong glue!!

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fawnda said...

very very very cute! I love the red ones! Great job!

Sumi said...

Hey, nice job! I am sure this was not easy.Must have required a lot of patience.I loved the red one best!I have replied to your question about md-podge on my blog in the comments section.Do check it out.

Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

very creative!

~ RM said...

Wow, great job! I would have never thought of this!!!

Anu said...

Why don't you try FEVICOL MR. It is almost like mod podge as far as I understood; water resistant also but takes almost overnight to dry.

Mod Podge Amy said...

Looks great! I'm so sorry you don't have Mod Podge!

Stacie said...

These are so cute, Sonia! Thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog!! :D

Andy Porter said...

You are so very clever! I would never have thought to change my shoes! Great job! Thanks for the link!

Poppies at Play

Ellen said...

Love your "new" shoes! Great job!

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting jaw-dropped. Wow! Love them!

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

What an awesome job!! I never would have thought of that!

jan ~ tomatobaby said...

very creative! Will have to reconsider some of the undesirable shoes I've seen at the discount store. :oD ~j.

Lori said...

OMG!!! I love them... What another great idea... you are so clever.

Thanks again for joining get your craft on Thurs.


Kay said...

i loved your idea with the shoes- they look fabulously kitch!:-)I live in India, so no modpodge either! Could you explain how i'd need to use the bond, fabric glue, and feviquick mixture? it would be really helpful, thanks:-)

Sonia said...

Thanks so much, Kay! Well, I went on to mix 3parts Fevibond, 3 parts Fabric Glue and 2 parts feviquick for instant bonding. Do not touch it directly, use a spatula..coz it stings!

Much later, I found a much better alternative to the stinging mixture. Go to a local hardware store and ask for fevicol's rubber adhesive..doesnt glaze like Modpodge, but makes up for a permanent glue. Apply it with wood or spatula. Hope that was helpful!

Kay said...

oh awesome. Will try it soon! Waiting to see more from you:-) Thank you so much again:-)

Karuna said...

You can now find your favourite Mod Podge products at

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