Friday, November 27, 2009

Cool and charming Tote from a T-shirt

I had a red and white polka dotted Tshirt that I thought did not really go well on me…actually I thought it looked li’l funny like a shirt. So I decided on a whim to turn it into a bag that I could use while going to college, or while hanging out with friends….

This whim of mine turned the T-shirt into a fabulous chic-looking shoulder bag. I love it!
Isn’t it a great looking bag? Polka dotted bags are to die for! You would surely want to make yourself one such cool shoulder bag from a t-shirt you no longer use. Its super duper easy, here is the how to:
  1. Lay the tshirt on a flat surface; iron if necessary. Trim out the collar in straight line, and sleeves too.
  2. Reverse the shirt and stitch along the bottom edge.
  3. For the handles, I used a matching red scrap fabric from another t-shirt, and cut it into three nearly equal strips. You really need not be very precise in dimensions of these strips, as it wouldn’t matter. Now tie the strips together on one end and plait them together, the same way as you plait your hair. Make two such plaits if you want two handles for your bag, like I did.
  4. Stitch the edges of these plaited strips onto the inside of the top side corners of the tshirt. You are done! Accessorize your bag with buttons to make it look cooler. If wanted, you can also stitch pockets on the inside for keeping small change.
Here is my bag:
Looks so chic and fabulous! What do you think?

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concretenprimroses said...

Well done. A funny shirt into a great bag!

Laura said...

This is so adorable. Great job!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

FEaturing this one at

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