Monday, December 14, 2009

Amazing candle stand bottles

Once again I have been off for long, but most of the blame goes to the MBA classes which I’ve been having from 9am to 7pm even on Sundays, and its getting tiresome…phew! I haven’t been idle though, as you will see, coz I have made these ravishing beauties…

I had one or two empty wine bottles at home…u know how we keep stacking them on and on thinking they will be useful some day…anyways, I thought of making something useful with them, and came up with the idea of candle holders or stands…aren’t they too cute? And so very functional! It can two-time as a classy décor item as well as a candle holder. Read on to know how I did it!

You will need:

Few old, empty wine bottles, or even glass jars
Glass paints and glass outliner (water or oil based, up to you). In India, the most widely accepted brand is Camel so I used it, though you can easily get some other brand in your country.
Metallic acrylic paints ( I used copper and silver)
Designs that you want to trace on to the bottles
Baking paper
And most importantly, oodles of imagination!

  1. Clean the bottles, rinse thoroughly and let them dry. Make sure there is no residue of alcohol left as it could get dangerous. Remove the labels by soaking for a few minutes in water. Remove any plastic attachments on to the mouth of the bottle, if any. (My bottles did have them and it was little hectic work to remove them by melting with a hot knife. I hope your bottles do not have them.)
  2. Select a cool looking design or stencil, trace it on to a baking paper sheet. Now spread this sheet on a flat surface, put the bottle above the design and trace the design on the surface of the bottle with the glass liner, taking advantage of the transparency of the bottle.
  3. Let the design dry for few hours, and then start coloring the bottle with the help of glass colors in your favorite colors to match with the décor of your rooms. I used the metallic colors to highlight the design on the bottle.
  4. Let it dry for al least 24 hours, and your bottle is ready! So charming indeed!
  5. Now for the candle part, fill in the bottles with some pebbles (preferably white) and sand. Insert the candles and light them up!! I’m loving it!!


Kayni said...

I love this idea. I have a wine bottle sitting at home and I think I'll use your ideas and turn it into a nice candle holder.

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