Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pebbles Vase

I always saw these glass pebbles sold on the beach, and loved them..but had no ideas regarding their use..

…until I found an empty whisky bottle!! I know some of you will say: “a bottle, again?..sigh!! But I love to decorate these bottles, somehow can’t keep my hands off them. So here I was, facing my pebbles, and an empty whisky bottle (you can use any other round or flat glass surface, really). 

So here is what I made...

My, isn’t that classy?
This particular project is more about imagination really, than a particular set of steps to be followed, but I’ll narrate my story anyway.You will need:

Sea pebbles (lots n lots) in your choice of colors and shapes
Glass bottle or any surface you want to decorate, really
Acrylic paints , black glass liner for stems
Paint brush
Hot glue gun, or any tough glue

You are ready now. Clean the surfaces of the bottle, wipe it dry. I painted the bottle with thick layers of olive green and sea blue, to remind me of sea and sands…I then let it dry as the coats were too thick.

After it had all dried, I proceeded to stick the pebbles with glue on to the bottle in decorative shapes. I did it in flower can do it in the form of any shape you fancy. However, be careful not to overdo to make everything messy. Learnt that the harder way J

Here it is up close..

I tied a golden ribbon on to the neck of the bottle, coz it had gotten little messy there, so I had to cover it up that way! It does not look bad though.

There it is – I put in a twig and added a fabric flower I made with a white cloth. Doesn’t it look all dressed up and vintage!!
I hart my pebbles vase!!
I linked this beauty to a fun blog party


~ RM said...

Oooh, I like the glitzy bottles! These will look great in a sunny window! (I especially like the green/red one with black swirls!)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you'll come by often! :) Happy Holidays!

Sonia said...

@RM- Thanx for the appreciation dear, it really made my day!! :)

Marianne@Songbird said...

That is a funny makeover. I am glad you found a use for that sea glass. I see many more decorated bottles in your future.

Anonymous said...

That is so COOL! Well Done.

Andy Porter said...

How fun! I've seen those around and I've always tried to come up with an idea for them! Thanks for the link!

Poppies at Play

Sandy said...

What a wonderful idea...and so pretty!

Prior said...

Charming! Lezlee

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