Monday, December 28, 2009

Singed Fabric Flowers – Love ‘em!!

I came across instructions for a good technique for making oh-so-pretty fabric flowers. Unfortunately, I forgot the site’s name, but on the brighter side, I do remember the how-to! Lucky me, for you can see how well they turned up!

These are dead easy to make, yet quite deadly if you get careless in the process. Not a child’s project certainly…though a child’s play for grown ups. You will need:

Fabric sheets in your choice of color and prints
(Be mindful of choosing only those fabrics which melt slightly as heated. Cottons won’t work for this project- choose satin, silk, nylon, polyester or organza!)
Cardstock paper (optional)
I made flowers in two shapes. I will describe both. For the round-ish flowers, cut small pieces of fabric in round-ish shapes. The shape here need not be perfect, and the rather vague shape adds to the beauty. Make these round pieces in varying sizes: one larger than the other. My flowers had around 4-5 layers of petals so cut around 20 pieces to make 4 flowers.

For the second flower, I drew five petal basic flower shapes, smaller to larger) on the cardstock paper and traced them onto the cloth. Now cut the flowers (need not be perfect, again) with scissors.
Here is how mine looked:

Now light the candle or tea light. Hold one of the cut pieces to the flame and slowly move it round so that the corners are slightly singed or curled up. You need not should not take it too near the flame; only as much close as required for it to slightly melt. Repeat the same for the round shapes and the flower shapes. You will begin to see how pretty they will turn up. I sadly do not have a picture for this step; I could hardly dare to hold a camera while I was holding a cloth to flame!

An extra tip: put your thumb onto the centre of the petal as you hold it to the flame, and point the petal upward as you singe it, so as to get the perfect petal shape.

Now for the final part! Place the round petals one on top of another, from largest one at the bottom to the smallest one at the top. Each flower has around 4-5 layers of petals, so place them accordingly. Now sew these layers together in the center, and embellish with a button or pearls.
Here they are, all so cute!!

I’m thinking where to use these, as I made lots an lots in different colors. Any suggestions,  readers? Post ‘em up, I’l be thankful to use them!!
I’m lovin’ it!!


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