Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Li’l Birdie Mobile

Hello there, all the wonderful people! I know I’ve hibernated too long – given its summer, too! But honestly speaking, I really missed this wonderful place called Blogland, and here I am!
I took flight from here few weeks (or was it months!) ago as it was becoming more and more difficult to keep up the steady flow of posts and updates with a full-time job and all, but as time passed I realized that this was something that I really enjoy doing and couldn’t do without. The last straw was when some lovely ladies from the blogosphere wrote to me asking if was alright; and I instantly knew I had to be back to where I belonged. Thanks a lot for that gals!
Now about the bird mobile that the title speaks of. I love birds and mobiles – who doesn’t? So here’s what I made the other day – a birdie mobile!
I always wanted to try my hand at clay modeling, but it all really started when I found some ready-to-use Paper Clay at a mart. Now I don’t know if its available in US as well, but its a great recycling idea and moulds well, too!
Here’s what you’ll need to make these beauties:
- paper clay (or any variant) – natural air-drying or oven drying
- skewers
- acrylic paints, varnish
- yarn of thread, needle
- glass pebbles (optional)
Here’s the cute birdies, in natural terracota hue
The first attempt at moulding the birds was not quite bad, I’d say. They did turn out prettier as I went on. Remember to pierce a hole on their back all the way through their bottom when the clay is wet though, or you wouldn’t be able to thread them when dry.
I also made few pretty clay balls, and pierced a hole through them so I could knot them into the mobile, too.
Now, I love terracota pottery and all, but I had envisioned these birds in pastel colors, so I painted them white! Cute already!
Love them in Sepia. Here’s how I set them to dry..on skewers and screw-drivers, no less!
Once dried, I set upon to perform my favorite part – painting! You know how i go berserk with paints.. I forgot to take a pic of the colorful birds before threading them, but LOVED them. Here’s a shot of one of my fave birds:
Once the colors have dried, thread the birds and clay balls in the yarn alternatively spaced by knots in between. I also stuck some glass pebbles in between in the technique shown here. Here’s a long shot of how it adorns a plain wall in the living room.
I’m surely gonna make more of these cute things. So lovely!