Monday, January 11, 2010

Flowers on Canvas - Avatar Inspired!!

I made these two pretty pictures today-

Click on the picture to view the shades blended in a lovely way!!

Ever since I've watched the movie Avatar, my mind has not stopped thinking of the surreal beauty of the forests, and the moral of the movie as well. Do watch it, it makes you stop and think once about how humanity is on the point of extinction, as they go on to kill and capture anything and everything that will bring them material wealth, owing to their greed...I was moved by the depiction of contrast between what we are meant to be and what we have come to be...Its time to think and stop the mindless destruction of nature, as if this goes on, we will leave our grandchildren a horrible legacy of misery and suffering...!! Here are some great shots from the movie:

I love the colors and the expressions!!

Ah, the beauty of it all!

Okay now, enough of speech-giving...We're back to my crafts. Here is what I painted (on styrofoam again, its cheaper than canvas!!) as a tribute to the beauty there in...Poor justification to the pictures from the movie, I know, but the paintings themselves seem beautiful to me...I made two of them - here they are, in close shot
Ain't the flower just too cute??
Here's the second one when hung in my living room

If you want to know how I made these, see the painting technique from this tutorial of mine, and the flowers in the paintings are from this tutorial by me. For the second picture I used some twigs which I painted in yellow to match the color of the wall...Do check out and let me know what you think of them!!
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Craftymoose Crafts said...

I have not seen the movie--but have seen plenty of the ads for it. The special effects, costuming and scenery are fabulous!

I love the paintings you did--the Styrofoam adds a nice texture--I would never have thought about using that!

farah said...

hi sonia,
beautiful inspiration from the movie. but that was more or less all digital. what you have done is hand made and hence special.great crafting and do remember my blog sometimes. all the best

marissa said...

very cool

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