Monday, March 1, 2010

Butterfly and Glass Gem Mobile - I'm in love with it!

I've been busy since a few days, making....THIS! Click on the picture to get a better view, as these pics do not do justify the beauty of this mobile. But then I think any project involving butterflies is a beauty! 

Butterflies fascinate me..I'm obsessed with them. Makes me wonder why I never posted any projects related to butterflies, but here I am anyways with an alluring mobile with butterfly and glass gems. One can find butterfly mobiles all over the blogland, but I wanted to make a difference by adding some glass gems or pebbles which shine and shimmer prettily, thus creating a nice ambience.

Here is how its done! You will need:

You can do it with just one hoop if all you desire is a single tier mobile, or two hoops for making it double- tiered. I intended to make a two- tiered mobile, but was too lazy ran out of time so made a single tier. That looks good too!
 I cut all the butterflies in 4 different wall papers all by myself (took me 2 days to cut over a 100 flutters!). You can choose coordinated colors, but I went totally berserk and chose a wild combination of red, white, pink and blue, and colorful glass pebbles. I found a fabulous butterflies template HERE! Thanks Lolly!
Lets get started! Place your hoop on a flat surface and mark the distance at which you would like the strands of the mobile to be. Should not be too far or near ideally. Mine had around 25 strands.
Do not worry about the visibility of the marks, we shall cover them later.
Now take your yarn ball and cut the individual strands. Decide the length of the mobile according to where it will be hanged. Leave an extra allowance of 5 inches on each strand length. My mobile was 25 inches long, so I cut 25 30 inch strands (Huge, yes!).

Now start working on individual strands. Note that glass gems are heavy, and should be ideally glued onto something wider, as we don't want a pebble falling suddenly onto a child, do we? So for a long-lasting glue bond for the glass pebble, follow these steps to make a 'seat' for the pebble where you could glue it:
Make a simple knot onto the yarn strand at the distance of 4 inches from one of the ends.

Make these knots all over the strand at a regular interval of say, 5 inches. The more the use of pebbles, the prettier you mobile will turn!
Now put a dab of tacky glue or hot glue over the 'seat' and press the pebble onto it. There, let dry and it is permanently stuck. Here's how the strand looks like after this step:

Do this to all the 25 strands. Now for the butterflies! Glue the flutters in between the pebbles. See to it that the distances are more or less equal.

Needs some patience, I know, but the result is worth it! Repeat the above for all the strands. Here were some of the finished strands. Let dry.

Now temporarily hang your embroidery hoop from a hanger or suspend it from wires like me. Take the strands and tie them one after the other onto the marked place on the hoop.

Nearly there! Use a coordinated satin ribbon to cover the ugly hoop and the knots. I used pieces of red and pink ribbons. Simply glue one end of the ribbon onto the frame and keep on rolling and wrapping around. Keep gluing at regular intervals. 

Now the final act! Insert 4 equally wide and long ribbons and tie them together to form a hoop to hang. Now hang it from your chosen spot with a hook or chandelier. Our dining room looked like it needed some dash of color so I hung it from our pretty chandelier.

I love to gaze at it while the lights are on!

LOVE this!!

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LollyChops said...

This is so awesome Sonia! I love the addition of the glass gems! So clever!

Did you have any problems with the hoops being balanced? That is what I worry about the most!!!!

Sonia said...

Hi Lolly,
So glad you liked it! Hmm..balancing the hoop needs to be done little carefully, yes. I inserted four wide ribbon strips from opposite directions and tied them together, loosely first to form a little hoop. The ribbons are inserted such that they hold the hoop from the bottom. After you test it by hanging at the desired place, you can check if its balanced or slightly tilted and then tie the ribbons tightly together. And yes, you might sometimes need doing it in the trial-and error way, and then finalize the knot to make it fail-proof.
Hope this was helpful! Thank you so much for visiting!

Andy Porter said...

Wow! Very cool indeed! Thanks for linking this project to Creative Cats! I deleted the other link like you asked me to. It's so much fun to see your projects! They are so unique!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Very pretty for Spring! Btw, I can't say I know much about India's climate (rather than stereotypically hot)...Do you ever get snow where you live or only high up in the mountains?

farah said...

hi sonia great work now come to think of it seeing ur butterflies ive also fallen in love with them . this is too good tho it must have taken quite some time for you, especially ensure that the threads dont get entangled. great work. hard work always pays. looking forward to seeing more from you said...

Ohh.. pretty and sparkly. Me likey!

Kaysi said...

WOW!! That looks great! I'm so glad that you showed how to do it, because I would have had no clue!

Jen@Notes From the Heartland said...

This is so pretty! And great tutorial too!!

fawnda said...

very very cool! I love how it looks in the light! Great job! : ) Maegan said...

so so so cute!

Jennifer Juniper said...

It makes me think of spring :) Love it!

Lori said...

I love this! You did a great job....

Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thurs. Please join me next week for another great party!

Summer said...

I am featuring this on my blog tomorrow! Thanks for linking up! Come grab my featured button!


Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

So pretty Sonia! I love the combination of the stones and butterflies!

Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day!

fawnda said...

I just wanted to let you know that I featured you here:

mary'smom said...

Really pretty. Thanks for the instructions too!

Kathryn said...

Very pretty!

Bobbie said...

that is super cute
thanks for linking up to check me out saturdays

Asha Pereira said...

Dear Sonia, I love your craft . it is really very beautiful.
best of luck to your further craft.

Asha Pereira said...

Dear Sonia , I love your craft . so beautiful .
best of luck for your further craft.

Asha Pereira said...

Very beautiful tutorial mobil Sonia.
thanks for sharing. love it. i saw ur all craft. really wonderful ! keep it up.

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