Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring-y Summer-y Beach-y Bracelet!

Cheesy title again, I know but I couldn’t help it…since this week was quite boring and dull for me, and I wanted to shake it off through the title!

CAUTION: An extra lengthy post ahead..move at your own risk!

This week we spotted our little jungle friends in our library upstairs..’termites’! The Pest Control people were immediately intimidated, and as a result our home was turned totally upside down. We packed, unpacked and now are packing our stuff again, ‘coz the husband and I are going out on a holiday! Yay, finally! More on that later!

The house was in shambles, but I so badly wanted to make something crafty, that I came up with this cutie li’l thingy!
Those are glass gems, yes! It looked so springy, summer-y and beach-y, that I had to name it the same! I love the messy, tangled look, and thought some others might like it, too!

To stretch a short story long, I was busy packing, yet just had to make something, when I confronted some strings with glass gems stuck to them in tangled mess. Now if you have seen my older post where I made a butterfly and glass gem mobile, then you will know where those strings came from. First time readers don’t panic, I’ll ramble about it from the start!

You will need: Glass Gems, Yarn thread, Tacky Glue, and the ability to tangle the threads finally! (that comes naturally to me!)

Now follow these simple instructions to make your glass gem strings:
Cut the yarn threads in the desired length and number. If you want a fuller and heavier bracelet, use 4 strings. 2 strings should do for a simpler one. I used 4 strings, each 15 inch long.
Now, the glass gems obviously wouldn’t be fully secure onto the thread if you simply stick them to the strands. So you need to make a ‘seat’ for them so that you can safely glue them onto the threads, forever secure. The ‘seat’ is made as follows:
Easy- peasy, isn’t that? Let them dry for few hours. The pics are borrowed from a previous post, since I had my strings readily made for me from the previous project.
The next step is mighty easy, and even if I do not have the picture for this step, you will be able to do it easily! Simply hold the glass gem strings and give them a good shake. Yarn tangles easily, yours will, too! Don’t bother to keep the loops straight and let them tangle. When you’re satisfied with your ‘tangled mess’, start wrapping them around your wrist. Do it in such a way that the ends are knotted and tangled as well. b3 b1
Now wear it on a sunny day to the beach, like I’m going to, soon!
I love how it sparkles in my hand!b4
And I love it in sepia colors as well (don’t know if I can get glass gems in these colors!)b2
Make yourself one, too!
Now about my vacation – I’m going to visit these fab places:
It’s a good combination of ancient heritage places, and gorgeous beaches…I’m gonna have fun!                                                     Goa ...Oh, I love beaches!
goa1 Goa4 goa3 goa2
Now  I'm off to meet my dear friends now before leaving, see you next week!
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mary'smom said...

How exciting. I've always been fascinated by India. Colorful bracelet too!

Sumi said...

Glad to hear you are going to Goa.Hope you have loads of fun.Stay out of the sun though.:-)

Stacey Gibbon said...

Cute idea with the bracelet and I'm totally jealous of your vacation! enjoy it!

<3 Stacey

Free Pretty Things For You said...

how fun are these!! thank you for the tutorial!

Anne said...

I love the jumbled look and all the different colors of glass!

jenjen said...

Beautiful bracelet! And what a fun vacation - that is so cool!

Thanks so much for linking up to my party. I appreciate it!


Laura said...

Wow what an adventure. Beautiful bracelet!

I'm featuring a necklace tutorial and giveaway. I'd love it if you stopped by my blog!

fawnda said...

Very cool bracelet! I love it! It looks like a great vacation! : )

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Andy Porter said...

That is so cute!! I love dangly bracelets!! They are so much fun!!

Thanks so much for the link!

Haddock said...

Nice pics of Ajanta.
Brought back memories of my visit there many years ago.

Lei said...

Love the bracelet! So fun!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Ah, I can almost hear the seagulls when I look at that bracelet! Super beachy :)

Nikki said...

These look really fun!

LollyChops said...

I hope you have a super vacation!

I love your beautiful bracelet! It's really rather perfect for the summer time and so carefree in how it's made!

Thanks for sharing the tutorial!


michelle@somedaycrafts said...

That is so cute!! Great job and thanks for making me miss the beach! hahaha! Thanks for linking up!

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