Monday, May 3, 2010

Simple Spring Wreath

I've admitted it over and over- I go crazy when I see colors, and though neutral tones fascinate so many people, they're not really my style. Not at all. Colors are my fantasy, and I long to use them more and more everywhere.  That's probably why I love Spring, and this spring wreath as well!

This beauty is really easy to pull off! The basic form is very easy to make, and the final look will depend on how you choose your embellishments. You will need:

- Floral wire (not too thin, medium thickness)
- Sharp Scissors
- Tissue paper
- Lots of Mod Podge
- Embellishments: I used several (yeah, you can see that)- twisted paper flowers, beads of all shapes and sizes, paper butterflies, pearls, satin ribbons, and a cute tiny li'l birdie! Follow your heart and choose your own colors.

First, twist the wire to make a round shape out of it. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of this step. I kept it asymmetrical and uneven on purpose as I rather like that look.
Next, apply glue on the wire's surface and start wrapping the tissue paper around it. You can skip tissue paper and wrap around a ribbon instead, but I rather love the soft look of the tissue paper. Let it dry.

I painted the tissue surface teal here and there, randomly. Sorry, pic for this step forgotten again!
Never mind! Now lets embellish. I totally went berserk here. I made some rolled paper flowers (I know you all know how to make those- blogland is totally saturated with the tutes; so I won't discuss it here...But I totally love my idea of piercing a wire through the center and twisting in a charming hanging bead into it. Here are the close-ups...
Next I tied three wires in parallel way on the top of the wreath and twisted them all while placing pearls randomly. I glued few butterflies here and there, and the small cute birdie in the centre wire.  I tied few ribbon snippets here and there where there was additional place remaining. I also twisted a wire in the bottom of the circle and inserted a hanging bead in each loop. 
The result was this beautiful spring wreath! Yay!!


Wouldn't this make the spring extra special!


Laurie said...

Your springtime wreath is beautiful! Thanks for sharing how to make one! Love your blog, have a wonderful week...

Jennifer Juniper said...

Very springy!

Michelle @ Sweet Something said...

Just beautiful! Looks like a work of art, great job!

Sachiko said...

Very unique, and original, great job!

Fawnda said...

I am loving the flowers! Too cute! :)

Andy Porter said...

Such a fun whimsical Spring wreath! Very cool!

LollyChops said...

How totally beautiful! I love your addition of the little pin and bead in the center of the flower!


Wendy said...

That turned out really cute!!

Stephanie Lynn said...

What a unique and adorable wreath. Love it! So creative! Love the roses. Thanks for stopping by and joining the Sunday Showcase! I greatly appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

craftlicious said...

Ohh Sonia this is amazing work i so much love this whimsical project.....darn ...i wonder y i wasnt able to find u before(even regret it)
I was here to thank u for ur lovely comment but now i am so much hooked on your art so i m ur newest follower :)
lovely blog u have here

Rajesh said...

Beautiful work of art.

Mandy said...

Sonia - this little project is so cute. I love your creativity.

I just gave you an award on my blog!

Francesca-KinĂ  said...

I think your blgo is very intresting and creative, for sure i'll visit you more often cause your creations are lovely!! A big hug from Italy, Francesca-kinĂ 

Padhu said...

You are very creative .Stumbled upon your blog and fell in love with it .Do drop by
when u find time .

Okispice said...

I absolutely love this one and maybe I can try to make something like this with my origami cranes. Thanks for the inspriation!

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