Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fun at Work Place!!

Is that possible, a lot of you must be thinking! I guess I've never mentioned here that I finished my MBA a month ago, and now I work for nation-wide radio company. The work-motto here is "Fun & Responsibility", which is so great, 'coz you get to do a lot more than being desk-bound all day long! I love it so far, Yay!

I have great colleagues to work with. Today afternoon us girls got a li'l bored with the routine job, and naturally crafting came up to our rescue. Guess what we tried today- Origami Stars and Butterflies - with our old used stationary, no less! You'd find lots of tutorials on You Tube, and my, making the paper butterflies was great fun! Once we were done with painting them (yes, we have acrylic paints and more at office, too!!), I suddenly remembered a loop of thread and needle somewhere in my shelf, and lo, the vision of an Origami Butterfly Mobile was born! My colleagues fetched cardboard, and we started to hang the butterflies from individual strands of thread. I tore through my bracelet for some beads to make up for the bare threads. Now, I love my beaded jewelery a lot, but the beads looked sweet in the mobile!

It was great fun to tie up these delightful things with the help of thread and cardboard to the ceiling, more so 'coz it was totally unplanned and unprepared for. I mean, who thinks of hanging a mobile in the office with the help of cardboard and tape, or of ripping apart one of their favorite beaded bracelets! And still end up with something good-looking? See, totally random!

Why am I telling you all this, right? This is to show that us working-folks can have fun at work, too! Try this at your workplace on a dreary day, and trust me, your boredom will vanish soon! What's more, more colleagues at crafting = more ideas, so it will be a learning experience!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Congrats on the MBA & the really cool job! I love how you fit crafting in where ever you go!

Lori said...

Congrats on your MBA!!! What a cool job you have. The people I work with would never do crafts with me. They are boring!!LOL

Laura said...

I've given you the Sunshine Award!

Baker Family said...

I am sure that brightened up the whole office! So fun :)



Casting shadows said...

Hey sweeeeeeeetheart it is soooooo pretty!u seem to fun tym @ office too involving colleguestooo GOOd TeamWOrk Gurlz!!!!!Keep it up...good work...:)

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